Dutch Oven Cooking just got better. Check out these wonderful Dutch Oven cookbooks. "Log Cabin Grub" is proud to be one of Idaho's Largest Dutch Oven Suppliers!

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2014 IDOS Backyard Dutch Oven Cookbook
This is an 247 page cookbook that covers Main Meals, Breads, Desserts, Teams and Dishes. ..
$16.95 $14.99
A Skillet Full
In keeping with the rich Southern traditions of passing recipes from generation to generation, ne..
Cast Iron Cooking By Johnny Nix DVD
DVD, Cast Iron Cooking with Johnny Nix, Legendary campfire cook Johnny Nix shares his expertise i..
Cast Iron Cooking for Dummies
Become a Cast Iron Chef in NO Time!! Unlock the secrets of cast-iron cooking at home or in the gr..
Field Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking
Field Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking by IDOS This cookbook captures some of the greatest all-time re..
Indoor Grilling Cookbook
Like any back-court duo, this 50-recipe collection works in tandem with Lodge Grill Pans to pre..
Log Cabin All About Potatoes Dutch Oven Cookbook
As you can see the Potato is the King of Vegetables. If you are a Dutch oven cook you will have t..
$13.95 $10.99
Log Cabin Camp Fire Cookin' Cookbook
Well, let's see, I guess the best thing about campfire cookin is that great smoky taste and smell..
$14.95 $9.99
Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cookbook
This book is a must for the beginner or experienced cook who loves the great outdoors and the nut..
$14.95 $9.99
Log Cabin Holidays & Traditions Cookbook
"What a great word" my Grandma us to say!. All of my grandparents made the Holidays a real specia..
$14.95 $11.99
Log Cabin Lewis & Clark Dutch Oven Cookbook
I cannot convey to you in words the amount of joy and fulfillment I have experienced in doing thi..
$14.95 $9.99
National Cornbread Festival Winning Recipes
Winning Recipes introduces you to traditional cornbreads and creative main dishes—featuring win..
$5.95 $4.99
Texas Treasury of Dutch Oven Cooking
The spectator demand for recipes that is created at these dutch oven cooks offs was the driving f..
The Complete Book of Dutch Oven Cooking
Introduces you to outdoor cooking's "magic pot"--one of history's most versatile cooking tools. T..
Cabin Cooking by Colleen Sloan
There are 176 pages in this book that hold over 160 recipes. Nothing makes your mouth water mor..
$14.95 $12.99
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