Lightload Towels Outdoor Travel Towels

Lightload Towels Outdoor Travel Towels
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Purchase the lightest, most versatile, biodegradable, super absorbent travel and beach towels ever, have it be part of your hiking, backpacking, camping, travel and other outdoor activity gear.

  • More absorbent than cotton towels
  • The only towels that fit easily in a pocket
  • The only travel towel suitable for any indoor or outdoor activity
  • Considered one of the essential accessories for survival kit packing
  • Many Uses including a ground cloth for concerts, flag for signaling, blanket for covering.
  • Stores easily so save them for a rainy day.
  • One for the cook set, one for the first aid kit and one for general use
  • The sizes: 12" x 24" set of 3

Space Savers: Put a handful of Lightload Towel hand towels in your pocket and still have room for your keys and money. Lightload Beach Towels are full size beach towels that also fit easily in a pocket with room to spare! They free up lots of space in a backpack, RV and suitcase making them essential as travel accessories and outdoor gear.

Survival Gear: Lightload Travel Towels have thousands of uses unlike any other product. Also known as “a cool tool” lightloads are essential for everyone's survival kit. Use them as fire starters,wind scarves, insulation, bug repellent, sun bloc, strainers, masks and much more. With emergency preparedness in mind people include them in first aid kits, toiletry kits, camping equipment, hunting gear hiking gear, RV's, boats and cars. You can buy things like a fire starter, wind scarf and first aid cloth separately and spend more money or buy a Lightload Towel which is all of the above and save!

Saves Money: In tough economic times why pay so much for the expensive other travel and outdoor towels on the market, when only two dollars gets you a lightload Towel! For that price not only do you get a double sized hand towel that's super absorbent, but you get extra accessories rolled into one. Buy additions like first aid cloth, wind scarves, blister padding, strainers, pot holders and spend more or purchase a Lightload Towel which does all this plus more and save money.

Entertaining: Use as game pieces for a variety of rainy day activities. People can play checkers, hockey, and catch, or create your own games.

Reusable: Lightload Towels are machine washable and do last some time However, they can be discarded after a trip. In fact after a trip just throw them away. If you decide to machine wash them, wash them under delicate and keep dry when possible.

Eco Friendly: It’s a product that is biodegradable therefore good for the environment. The material can either be composted in the ground or burned. For this reason it should be on everyone's backpacking equipment lists and travel supplies checklist.

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